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The brief was to create a logo for a home improvement start-up that needed to be simple and translatable onto many different mediums, from clothing to online advertising to print to vehicle decals. The aim was to create a brand that had a professional and reassuring feel.

The logo uses negative space to show a house and also a spanner. This shows the versatility of the skills in which Walden Home Improvement & Maintenance has. I wanted to keep to a simple colour scheme that could work on the white vans in which they use, the white also implies the cleanliness of the finish in which they deliver.

Walden Home Flyer

The client required a vehicle decal to advertise his business when on the move. A simple design using the logo centred with the information below.

A blue polo with the logo embellished on the front gives a professionalism for when the the client visits a customer.


The flyer was printed on 150gsm silk finish paper, which is thicker than what is commonly used. This makes the flyer stand out when posted through the door in comparison to others. The thicker feel shows the extra thought that has been taken in the design process, which illustrates the values that Walden Home Improvement has. The company colours throughout were incorporated with grey as a third colour.

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