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For my Final Major Project, I produced an identity for a hypothetical multifunctional outdoor furniture start-up. My aim was to encapsulate the company in print form; using die-cutting, scoring and textures I created a brand book which emanates their core values and ethos.

As the products of the brand all involve movement the logo had to illustrate this. The wordmark is created from, the geometric sans-serif, Proxima Nova; with the A's crossbar lowered and tilted. The A can be used as a Logomark, as shown on the cover of the book. The monochromatic colour scheme is clean, sharp and is partnered with a vibrant Terracotta that pops. This represents the wow factor that the furniture would have.


The text gradually moves across the page to represent the movement of the bench; which is illustrated in a pull out page graphic.

The stand is made from Pinewood and allows the book to lean at a 45-degree angle. This means that the book stand is multifunctional in itself. 

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