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My second-year final major project was about packaging minerals. The crystalline structure has given the packaging shape and when opened the mineral rests on a platform on the inside. The packaging itself is a stand to display the mineral, as well as keep the mineral safe. A bold concertina leans against the protrusion and contrasts against the white.


The logo represents the triangular crystalline structure of these minerals, which is called Hexoctahedral. The geometric line style depicts an M and utilises the cleanliness of white to stand out against the background of the concertina. 


The imagery in this project was generated using Cinema 4D. The minerals I chose yo package were Magnetite, Sylvite and Orpiment. I researched into the appearance of them and modelled, textured, lit and rendered. Lastly, I composited the images in Adobe After Effects; adding blur and colour correcting.

The packaging has 2 small magnets hidden in the top and bottom halves. This enables the top and bottom to attract to one another. The top half has 2 cut out sections so that the bottom section can interlink together seamlessly.

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