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Lucid Geometric

Brand Identity for a hypothetical 2D and 3D animation studio. The logo features a spiral element which wraps around the type; showing the 3D services offered by the studio. This has been contrasted against with a bold pink circle behind that the text. 

A neutral colour scheme using 2 tones of grey and a white allows the bold pink to boldly strike out of the page. The logo situates itself in the top left of the page on every print collateral. The spirals' size varies and appears as a dynamic background element. However, its' position with the pink spot stay in the opposite corner of the logo to add a juxtaposition.


The typeface used is Avenir Next Condensed; the geometric nature of the font adds a structured and composed element to a logo featuring mostly curves. In areas where there is mostly body text, the type feels balanced and not overpowering.

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