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Rebrand for a Norwegian Music Producer who creates electronic music. His previous logo appeared clunky, ineffective and diminutive to his status. A simplified logo using Futura's sharp edges portrays his style of music. The logo appears in a circle to complete the logo and create a crest that can be used on clothing and accessories.

Lensko's latest track portrays how the media distorts the truth. His interesting twist explains that we know the media do this and yet we are still ignorant.


As this message of this is so strong, I felt that a typographic piece would be most suitable. The title of the track is split into 3 sections to represent print media, social media and television. Each element has a distorted RGB wave that exaggerates the message further.

Luminous - Lensko CD
Auriga - Lensko Vinyl
Ignorance - Lensko CD

The artwork for his tracks are centred around high-quality imagery; with the cover image chosen in accordance to the feeling it evoked. This was of upmost importance so that the viewer has a glimpse as to the sound of the track though the visuals. Typographic elements were then added and translated on visualisers for Youtube videos.

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