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Live Group Branding Brief from Ellen Wright-Martin of Extragged


We were tasked with creating a futuristic brand around a pre-chosen body part. We were given the Eye, which led us to focus heavily on technology that could actually be developed. This resulted in our product, called the OPTIC, which used holographic technology. Our final brand name became iris, due to its' simplicity.


Using clean lines in a sleek logo, we have created a brand which exudes perfection and equilibrium. We have used a light blue to add a clinical emphasis to the product; this helps to reassure the audience. Our brand guide shows innovation and security in the manner in which it opens. It also features a simple infographic system that describes how our brand needs to be shown and used.

Our packaging further drives home iris' revolution; a basic cylinder shows the OPTIC and OPTIC Band instantly. It opens with a perforation around the top and the lens-like folded lid falls backward. There is a smaller cylinder inside the larger, which would act as a platform for the OPTIC to rest. Lastly, we put together our brand pack. It consists of an About Us card, our triple-layer business card, 2 iris stickers and an OPTIC Set-up card.

Collaborated with:

Emma Smith


Matthew Duke


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