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Brief: Your bug is Cockroach. Make a book about it.
With the amount of freedom given with this brief, I first compiled a mound of research 
all about cockroaches. I sourced many fascinating things, but the most interesting was a study conducted by Isaac Planas. He discovered that every cockroach has its own personality and he made this remarkable finding through the movement that each cockroach made. The book itself was covered in vaseline to give the effect that the viewer was touching a recently shed cockroach. This gave the book an apt slimy shine which glistens as the pages are turned.

I used wind drawings to create interesting shapes which I then used a baseline for my type. By looking at the formation of each wind drawing I was able to partner them with the personality types of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. I then wrote some short biographies for each cockroach-based on the personality type I had associated with them. I kept the bios serious but with elements of tongue-in-cheek humour.

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