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BITA Awards

The brief was to create an identity for the BITA (British and Irish Trading Alliance) Awards ceremony they were launching in 2017. The ceremony was held at the Savoy in London and was hosted for 150 professionals and members of the BITA. I was also asked to create 7 certificates for the winners in each category. These would be presented along with an obelisk trophy.

Using a geometric style to emulate and represent the obelisk award trophy, I created this logo to show how the awards ceremony is new and fresh. I incorporated the existing BITA text as this would maintain a consistency and familiarity. This logo illustrates the sharpness and precision in which the BITA works as an organisation.


The 7 certificates had to reflect the award and also the logo. The shards from the geometric logo as a link between the two. The shards represent the business acumen needed in order to win the award and thus receive the certificate. The typeface used is Cooper Hewitt; the structure of this sans-serif gives a cleanliness to the name of the award boldly standing out as a statement.

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